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What's really behind Chevy's attacks: GM thinks the Ford F-150 is vulnerable

Posted by Michael Thomas at

The rocks General Motors is dumping on Ford’s aluminum-bodied F-150 were a long time coming. GM isn’t just trying to poke holes in the F-150’s invincible U.S. sales and undermine the confidence of Ford’s truck customers.

The bigger picture is this: GM smells blood in the water. For the first time in decades, the F-150 looks vulnerable to GM. The aluminum-bodied F-150 has not been quite the raging success Ford would like everyone to believe. U.S. sales of the F series are up impressively this year, about 7 percent. But volume has come at a very high cost for a product that is still early in its product cycle. There’s been significant cash on the new F-150’s hood almost since it was launched in late 2014, an unusual practice for a new pickup. And F-150 inventories have at times been higher than the roughly 100-day supply that Ford and other Detroit automakers consider ideal for full-size pickups.  more ...

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