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Who Should Buy An Ultimate FS 688X

Anyone who demands the best in whatever they do.

A person who wants a closer look at the paint thickness before they send a car to reconditioning. KNOW where the existing paint might be thin. The 688X reads in 10th mils, so you will see all the normal minute variations.

Anyone who likes the ability to check the calibration occasionally, and adjust it themselves if necessary.

Anyone concerned with bondo in older classic cars.

All Dealers who appraise vehicles at night and need to be able to verify the serial number in the dark.

Anyone who appreciates the luxury of the Genuine Crocodile Holster.


Anyone appraising a large volume of cars where a 'general' condition report is satisfactory. The 688 will help you find paintwork, the 688X will give you a closer look at the variations in the paint. The minute variations can confuse some people.

Someone who has no need for the LED Light.

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