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Car Dealership Paint Thickness Meter

There are 11 Critical Reasons Why a FenderSplendor™ Paint Meter is the Only Gauge for Car Dealers and Auto Auctions.

Paint Thickness Meter Gauge for Car Dealers

1. The Only 'Ice Blue' Lighted Display, Easy to read, Eliminate mistakes.

2. An Industry 1st... and Best 3 year Exchange Warranty.

3. 90 Days Full Money Back - No Questions Asked...You have no risk.

4. Same day shipping on orders placed by 2:30 PM Central.

5. New for 2012, Absolutely Free, A Ballistic Nylon Holster.

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6. No Buttons, No Calibration - Be Cautious of Gauges with Buttons and Switches.

7. Smaller Than a Black Book.

8. Reads Steel and Aluminum Automatically, Fast and Fool-proof.

9. Over $75.00 in Valuable Gifts and Bonuses. Free Holster, Free Batteries and 2 Free Bonus Ebooks. With the FS688 - Free Commando Flamethrower Flashlight and a Free Commando Torch Light Keychain, Or with the FS488 a Free Commando Torch Light Keychain.

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“Why should anyone spend an extra $40 buying a FenderSplendor FS 688 instead of the FS 488?”

Answer: The fact is the extra $40 may be the smartest investment you will ever make. ­­­­­

Facts: Both the FS 488 and FS 688 will help you avoid hidden paintwork…and the losses that come with buying a damaged vehicle.

Both the FenderSplendor FS 488 and the FS688 measure every .5 mil, which has been the industry standard from day one. Both gauges are the same size…just slightly smaller than a BlackBook. Both gauges have an industry first ice blue illuminated display, making reading the gauge much easier—especially in the evening or in a low light, such as the back of a shop.


The Lighted Display in the FS 488 and FS 688 set them apart for all other competitive paint meters for Car Dealers. The King-Size Display on the FS 688 is over 2x as large and flips over so that it always reads right side up. (Just rotate the FS 688 past 90 degrees) If you can't see the paint meter display, what good is it? In a year or two, paint meters without a lighted display will be obsolete. You wouldn't buy a cell phone without a lighted keypad, why consider a paint meter without a lighted display?

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