Never Lose Money Missing Paint Work Again

"As Seen in Road and Track Magazine, Sept 2014"

• Be sure you are buying the #1 Paint Meter for Automobile Dealers when you buy.
• Sold and Serviced in the USA.
• Fully automatic, with no hidden buttons or calibration required.
• The only true 3 year replacement warranty with 24 hour replacements shipped directly from our
USA office.(2 year warranty on the FS 488.
• A Toll Free Customer Service # For orders or service. 866-310-2539
• Large, Ice Blue Lighted Display, easy to read at night and in bad weather.
• FREE SHIPPING in USA and Canada - Same day UPS shipping from our California office. Overnight USA Shipping Available. USPS Express Mail to Canada.
• Rock Solid 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.
• *36 Cents a day is based on the 3 year guarantee on the FS 688. Your cost could be even less.

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