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Can my car’s paint thickness indicate if it has been in an accident?

Posted by David Newton at

One of the first things a person should do when they are considering buying a used car is to get a detailed history of the vehicle. This would include all maintenance and accident records.  Getting a Carfax on the vehicle in question is a good first step.  However, a CarFax alone may not be enough.  One can’t always expect that the information you receive will be comprehensive or even accurate.  Some car repairs are performed by the individual themselves, or by friends who are mechanics, and the work that has been done can sometimes go unreported.  At times the work...

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What Is A Coating Thickness Gauge?

Posted by richard hale at

Paint meters, also known as coating thickness gauges, are essential tools used in the coatings industry to measure dry film thickness. Measuring dry film thickness is extremely important because it provides crucial information about the expected lifespan of the substrate, the suitability of the product for its intended purpose, its appearance, and compliance with various international standards. FenderSplendor provides various types of coating thickness gauges that can measure dry film thickness. These gauges are also called paint gauges or mil gauges and they come in both mechanical and digital forms that are suitable for non-destructive or destructive testing. Moreover, they...

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