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FenderSplendor Genuine Crocodile Holster

FenderSplendor Genuine Crocodile Holster

  • $ 39.95
  • Reg $ 99.95

NEW FenderSplendor Genuine Crocodile Holster!

When we designed our new Ultimate FS 688X Paint Meter we wanted  to offer it with a holster as unique and special as the gauge itself. Simply put,  we wanted Exotic and we wanted the best, no matter what the cost. I was thinking Crocodile, Alligator, Python until I started checking prices.

Finally, after months and months of looking we found a small custom manufacturer, who supplies some of the biggest names you can think of (and not afford). Then I got another surprise; I had to order 500 Holster at one time. I buttoned my lip and opened my wallet and we are proud to offer you the finest, most beautiful Genuine Crocodile Holsters available for any paint meter, anywhere, at any cost.

Please note. Because these are Genuine Crocodile, the pattern will vary slightly on each holster.

Standard with the Collector Edition FS 688X, Optional on the FS 488 and FS 688 and FS 688X.

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