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List of Car Dealers, Appraisers, and Inspectors who use FendorSplendor Paint Gauges to protect their profits from missing paint work.


Who uses a FenderSplendor® FS 502 Coating Thickness Gauge (Mil Gauge) ?

Powder Coating Companies, Manufacturing Companies, Paint Suppliers, Manufacturing Companies, Steel and Aluminum Refinishing, Automobile Dealers, Auto Auctions, Body Shops, Auto Detailers and any company needing a highly accurate measurement of the dry coating thickness.

Here are just a few of our recent customers who saved hundreds on a FS 502 Mil Gauge

  • Top Kote    FS502 Professional Mil Gauge
  • Edelbrock Corporation
  • Fantastic Finishes, Palm Beach, Florida    
  • Master Boat Builders    
  • Component Fabricating   
  • First Team Honda   
  • Ecologic Engineering   
  • Northwest Automotive Specialities   
  • Trusted Manufacturing   
  • SBS Systems   
  • Shadowshod Powder Coating   
  • Chemex, LLC   
  • Refinishing Solutions   
  • Paradise Steel  
  • CFEAQ, Inc.   
  • Aircraft Composite    
  • Tracy Honda    
  • Sanchez Powder Coating    
  • Express Autobody    
  • Millinocket Fabrication    
  • Coastal Aviation Services    
  • Manheim Auto Auction, Atlanta, GA    
  • Leading Edge Roofing    
  • Auto Color    
  • Mercedes Benz of Tampa    
  • Schuco USA L.P.    
  • Manheim Auto Auction, Riverside, California   
  • PPG/Porter Paints   
  • DuFresne manufacturing   
  • Jim Potts Auto Wholesale  
  • Zinc Matrix Power   
  • IDS Blast finishing    
  • Fantastic finishes   
    FS502 Professional Mil Gauge with Case
  • Jim Ellis Audi of Atlanta   
  • Crown Oilfield Services   
  • MOFAB Inc   
  • St. Croix Truck and Trailer   
  • Tech-Paint   
  • Andritz Seperation   
  • Nicholson Protective Coatings   
  • Eilers Machine and Welding   
  • Virginia Transformer Corporation   
  • US Tower   
  • Inventory Liquidators   
  • Shaw Group   
  • First Line Coatings   
  • Hi Tech Fabrication   
  • Ral-Boy, Inc.   
  • Premier Air Center
    Haydell industries  
  • Laforge Doors Ltd.   
  • Wilwood Engineering   
  • Ted Ciano's Used Car Center   
  • Earnest Metal Fabrication   
  • Indian Creek Fabrication   
  • Attention-2-Detail   
  • Shelter Logic   
  • Jim Eberle Auto Wholesale   
  • Eaglerock Energy    
  • Aircraft Composite    
  • Leading Edge Roof Group    
  • IDS Blast Finishing    
  • Coastal Aviation Services    
  • Paradise Steel    
  • MHL Enterprises    
  • Chemex, LLC    
  • Wellman Furnaces    
  • Mayville Engineering    
  • Finishing Supply    
  • PPG Services/Alabama    
  • Haydell Industries    
  • Eagle Rock Energy    
  • NAPA Auto Parts    
  • The Shaw Group    
  • Welding Solutions    
  • Wells Industries    
  • Rockies Express Pipeline    
  • Profab Construction Supplies    
  • C.V. Platers    
  • Advanced Containment

    Over 15,000 Customers Chose FenderSplender Coating Thickness Gauges.

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