Why Choose a FS 688 over a FS 488?

The FenderSplendor FS688 Paint Meter Gauge is the #1 selling paint meter for the last 5 years.

“Why should anyone spend an extra $40 buying a FenderSplendor FS 688 instead of the FS 488?”
FenderSplendor Paint Meters 
Answer: The fact is the extra $40 may be the smartest investment you will ever make. ­­­­­
The FS 688 comes with a 3 year replacement warranty. The FS 488 comes with a 2 year replacement warranty.
Facts: Both the FS 488 and FS 688 will help you avoid hidden paintwork…and the losses that come with buying a damaged vehicle.
Both the FenderSplendor FS 488 and the FS 688 measure every .5 mil, which has been the industry standard from day one. Both gauges are the same size…just slightly smaller than a BlackBook. Both gauges have an industry first ice blue illuminated display, making reading the gauge much easier—especially in the evening or in a low light, such as the back of a shop.

So…"why is the FS 688 a better choice?”

First of all, the FS 688 is the latest generation on our Paint Thickness Gauges, and it contains many new improvements. We have actually been able to increase reliability over the FS 488 which already is an industry leader. While many may not notice, the FS 688 is faster taking measurements and the construction is stronger.
The big difference is the FS 688’s lighted, ice blue display, which is about 3x as large as the display on the FS 488, and has numerals that are over 2x as large. Plain and simple, the FS 688 is much easier to read especially when you are in a hurry—like at auctions—or on a cloudy, rainy day.
Even better…The display on the FS 688 will flip over when the gauge is parallel to the ground, making it easier—and more fool-proof—when you are measuring the side of a vehicle.
The FS 688 comes with a 3 year replacement warranty. The FS 488 comes with a 2 year replacement warranty.
The Bottom Line is simple. Why not give yourself the best. You will have the gauge at least 3 years, so you are talking about a whopping .83 a month (yes, 83 cents) to go first class. If it won’t “put a hole in your budget” you’ll enjoy the FS 688 more.

Order Now And In just a couple days, you will never have to worry about missing paint work again.