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The Porsche 2017 911 GTS keeps the top Carrera banana fresh

Posted by David Newton at

There are nearly 1,000 species of bananas, grown in 150 countries around the world. But if you ask an American to draw a picture of a banana, they'll probably draw a Cavendish, the fruity potassium-rich yellow one that makes up the overwhelming bulk of our national consumption, even though it accounts for only a small portion of the global banana trade.If you live in the US of A, it's probably the only banana you've ever eaten.

Similarly, if you ask an American to draw a picture of a Porsche, they'll probably draw something that looks like a 911, a shape not unlike the offspring of a snail, a scarab, and a smiley face emoji. Like the Cavendish, the 911 is not the brand's best seller, not by a long stretch – Porsche sold nearly four SUVs for every 911 it moved last year. It is iconic, if an outlier. ... More ...

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