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The next Bentley Mulsanne could go all-electric

Posted by Michael Thomas at

How many Bentleys are sold in China, anyway?* That's a question worth asking after the company said it will consider switching the powertrain of its uber-luxe sedan Mulsanne to all-electric from its current gas-guzzling V8 setup.

Such a switch would be in the name of adhering to stricter greenhouse-gas emissions limits, especially in countries like China. Bentley executive Hans Holzgartner told Autocar that the company may soon have problems selling a V8-powered Mulsanne in China because government regulators are attempting to push for more zero-emissions vehicles to combat smog problems in the country's largest cities. Oddly, Holzgartner said an electric powertrain is "better suited" to heavier luxury cars than lighter sports cars because of an electric motor's smooth, instant delivery of torque. With the Mulsanne already priced north of $300,000 in the US, passing on the costs of such a huge battery pack will probably be less of an issue than for more typically-priced models.  more ...

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