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Porsche wants to put magnetic dampers in its doors

Posted by Michael Thomas at

The Porsche Panamera has always come standard with fancy hydraulic door struts that hold the door in place wherever you open it to.

This is instead of a hinge with detents, which doesn't hold the door against wind or when you're parked on an incline. Porsche's passive system is relatively simple and works well, although it requires a firm shove when you go to close the door. How do you improve on it? Put a powered magnetic damper in each door. This came to light during our recent drive of the 2017 Panamera. Discussing the door dampers with Panamera chief Gernot Döllner, I half-jokingly offered the idea of swapping to magnetic dampers. He very earnestly responded that Porsche was already looking at that kind of system. While you might look at this as unnecessary complication, this is the kind of German over-engineering I love. See a problem, apply knowledge, problem solved. more ...

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