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GM's midengine Corvette coming in 2019, report says

Posted by David Newton at

General Motors is moving forward with long-rumored plans for a midengine Chevrolet Corvette, marking the biggest engineering change in the venerable sports car since its debut in the 1950s, according to a report.

The Detroit News, citing multiple sources “familiar with the company’s planning,” reported on Thursday that GM plans to begin selling a midengine Corvette in early 2019. The Corvette, one of GM’s oldest nameplates, continues to attract mostly older buyers and the automaker is eager to switch to a midengine layout to attract younger consumers, the paper said. Midengined cars typically have a weight advantage over front-engine cars in part because the drivetrain is more compact and placed more centrally in the car, improving handling during high speed driving. Chevrolet declined to comment on the News report. Bob Lutz, who retired as head of global product development for GM in 2010, told the News that company management approved plans for a midengine Corvette in 2007 but said the program was scuttled under GM’s government-led bankruptcy in 2009.   more ...

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