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BMW 7 Series iPerformance hybrid priced at $90,095

Posted by Michael Thomas at

We've known that a new flagship plug-in hybrid from BMW was coming, but the German automaker hadn't revealed any details or exactly when it would be coming.

Now we know both. Today BMW released detailed information on the electrified 7 Series. The new plug-in hybrids will be available in both short- and long-wheelbase variants, with xDrive all-wheel-drive available on the long-wheelbase model. The new model will carry the 740e (or 740Le for the stretched version) iPerformance moniker. BMW also confirmed to Autoblog that the models will be available in August starting at $90,095. Drivers concerned about letting everyone know they have the most high-tech and environmentally friendly 7 Series will be happy to know that BMW has visually distinguished the hybrid. The car will carry eDrive and i badges as well as exclusive blue grille bars and hub covers. And for potential owners wishing to make a personal statement, all the other styling kits available on the normal 7 Series are also available on the hybrid. Speaking of the exterior, know that the laser headlights available in Europe will not make the trip here. more ...

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