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Ford Police Interceptors can now stop armor-piercing bullets

Posted by Michael Thomas at

Ford's Police Interceptor Sedan and Utility customers will now have the option of armor-piercing bullet protection for even greater levels of officer safety.

These are the first police vehicles in the country available from the factory with panels that can guard against armor-piercing .30 caliber rifle rounds. The armor panels are inside the front doors and don't change the vehicle's exterior appearance. They use a similar combination of a ceramic plate and aramid fabric as Ford's currently optional door protection, which can handle handgun rounds and non-armor piercing bullets up to .30 caliber. For this stronger application, the Blue Oval changes some things like using a tighter weave for the fabric, Ford spokesperson Chris Terry tells Autoblog. The plates add "more than 80 pounds" to each door, he said.  more ...

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