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Lamborghini Veneno could be yours for just $11 million

Posted by Michael Thomas at

How could an automaker charge over three million euros for a single automobile, no matter how rare or extreme? That's what we wondered when Lamborghini took the wraps off the Veneno at the Geneva Motor Show, with a price tag working out to over $4 million US using exchange rates at the time.

But that suddenly seems downright reasonable when you see how much this owner is asking for one. Listed for sale on a German website by a broker in Japan, this particular Veneno is accompanied by an asking price of €9.98 million. That works out to over $11 million at current rates, or a good three times what it originally cost when new, depending on which currency you're going by. Either way, that's one heck of a markup for a car now three years old, even if it only has about 840 kilometers (522 miles) on the odometer. You'd think, considering its lofty asking price, the seller could have provided some decent pictures, but apparently not.  more ...

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