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BMW M models will stay rear-wheel drive as long as possible

Posted by Michael Thomas at

Don't expect BMW's M cars to go soft any time soon. Carsten Pries, the division's head of product management, wants to focus on at least six cylinders and rear-wheel drive for as long as possible.

Pries sees the combination of six (or more) cylinders and rear-wheel drive as defining features of the division. "These are cars that attract new people to the M brand and that is very important," he said to Motoring. He doesn't think it's time to deviate from that strategy yet. "I hope not, because six is part of our DNA. Not only the power, but that hallmark sound that we have." We certainly like Pries' sentiment, but the division's current lineup shows a willingness to compromise the purely rear-wheel drive focus when necessary. For example, the latest X5 M and X6 M already feature all-wheel drive systems, which can send 100 percent of the power to the back at times. Spy shots and rumors heavily suggest a similar option for the next-generation M5, too.  more ...

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