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What does Aston Martin have planned for the name Aeroblade?

Posted by Michael Thomas at

Aston Martin is working on something called Aeroblade, and the company recently filed a trademark application for the name.

According to AutoGuide, the paperwork suggests the name could be used for a component, not for a model designation. The word indicates some kind of aerodynamic element, potentially in the form of an adaptive wing like those seen on the McLaren 650S, Bugatti Veyron, and so many Porsches over the years. Deployable spoilers allow a sports car to keep the airflow clean and undisturbed in some conditions and generate extra downforce under others.

The use of the Aeroblade name for a component makes more sense than an actual model name. Aston typically starts its nameplates either with the letter V (as in Vanquish or the Vulcan pictured above) or DB (as in the current DB9 or forthcoming DB11). It has been known to make exceptions – like in the case of the Rapide four-door coupe or Cygnet city car – so we could be in for a surprise.   More ...

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