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Hyundai Ioniq blends familiar cues with futuristic design

Posted by Michael Thomas at

Hyundai is preparing to unveil its first dedicated electrified vehicle. Called the Ioniq, it's set to launch at the Geneva Motor Show this March. Now, the Korean automaker is giving us an idea of what to expect with a series of teaser renderings.

As you can see from the first image in the slideshow above, the exterior design of the Ioniq announces the environmentally friendly powertrain at its heart. That means an aerodynamically optimized shape to cut through the wind with a minimum of interference. The greenhouse tapers off to a high tail not unlike those seen on the Toyota Prius and Chevy Volt – whose drivers Hyundai will seek to attract with this new model. The wheels also appear to adopt an aero-focused design, but signature Hyundai design traits are still evident, from the hexagonal grille to the upward kink in the C-pillar.   more...

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