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The Bilenkin Vintage is a retro-Russian coachbuilt BMW

Posted by Allen Willey at

If you want to add some retro Russian style to your E92 BMW 3 Series, the coachbuilt Vintage by Bilenkin Classic Cars is probably your best (and only) option. The coupe's shape takes inspiration from vehicles of the Communist era, but this bespoke machine's design gets even crazier on the inside.

The company's website shows that Bilenkin already has experience restoring classic cars, but this design. That experience is on display here. The stylists do a masterful job of hiding the BMW donor at the front, and the two big headlights and low-mounted, chrome bumper seem to take inspiration from old Volgas. In a fantastic touch, lengths of chrome also run through the door handles down the side to accentuate the rear. The back might be the styling's best angle because of the way the fins step down over two tiers to create the taillights.   MORE >>>

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