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Believe it or not, all Car Care Products are not created equal.

Hi, Thanks for letting us share the exciting news about FenderSplendor's New Line of European Quality Car Care Products. We know you will be as excited as we are when you learn what we are doing for you.
You need to know why what we are doing is different and How It Will Benefit You.  Here is the “Short Version” of the story. After 11 years as the number 1 Paint Meter Supplier to the Auto Industry we have grown to well over 14,000 Customers.

As you might guess, we get requests on a regular basis for products we don’t offer--or don’t wish to offer. We have tested over 50 items and disqualified them all. We looked at GPS units, Moisture Meters, Gloss Meters, Window Tint Meters, and on and on…We even thought about a Golf Course Range Finder

Our Goal Is To Help You Make More Money, and to Simplify Your Job. We need to offer you better products for less money.

It all started in 1960 when I was working in new car get ready in a Pontiac Store as a summer job. I was 15. FenderSplendor Paint MetersThe Manager told me to compound and buff the hood on a new Bonneville. BIG MISTAKE. You know the outcome…I took half the paint off the hood.It looked like one of Red Skelton's Comic Acts.The buffer had complete control of me.

By 1972 I had bought my first Used Car Lot. Prior to this I was the Used Car Manager for a large Dealership. Detailing used cars was expensive, but, what the heck, I wasn’t paying for it. Now that I was paying for everything, every cent counted. (I had borrowed 100% of the money to open the lot).

I also knew that appearance reconditioning was one of the most critical keys to my success. I started looking for the best products I could find.

5 years later, I traveled to Europe as a New Car Dealer and a guest of Rolls Royce and I admired the beautiful European Cars. I also marveled at how well the Europeans kept their cars. The roads were worse, they kept cars longer, but they sure kept them nice. This started me thinking…over 37 years ago.
FenderSplendor Paint MetersI want to share a secret with you. The number 1 request we get at FenderSplendor (for new products) is “Can you get me some really good car care products that don’t cost me an arm and a leg?” Many of my Dealers have also asked for a product they could resell to their customers.

Last year Dawn and I were in Monte Carlo, and I was blown away at looking at the cars. One night at dinner (at Café Rampoldi…if you have to know) it hit me. I looked at Dawn and said,  “lets create a line of the finest European Quality Car Care Products that will be made in America and sold at a fair price.”



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Allen Willey, President