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Digital Tire Tread Depth Gauge Helps Stop Deadly Automobile Accidents - Free Gift

Will you make it home alive tonight... Or ... will you become 'just' another fatality?

Don't risk your life betting on the State and Federal Tire Tread Depth Standards. You are 2 times as likely to have an accident on tires with 2/32 of tread instead of 4/32 remaining tire tread depth ... yet States with laws specify just 2/32 in.

Rainy weather driving poses many unique dangers that increase the chances of serious traffic accidents. Hydroplaning and hydrodynamic drag are two of the most serious dangers presented to car drivers and motorcyclists when they drive in wet conditions. Hydroplaning and hydrodynamic drag result in many automobile and motorcycle accidents because they can cause a sudden change in the vehicle’s speed and/or direction of travel. Moreover, hydroplaning and hydrodynamic drag can cause the driver to lose some or all steering or braking function thereby resulting in a loss of control over the vehicle.

Many wet weather accidents are the result of tires that were poorly maintained. In particular, the quality and depth of tire treads plays a key role in the occurrence of hydroplaning accidents. The risk of hydroplaning is much greater in cases of a worn tire with insufficient tire tread depth. The primary purpose of tire treads is to channel rain and snow away from the tire so that it will remain in direct contact with the road surface. As a tire rotates, the tread grooves are designed to constantly “push” or channel water away from the tire. However, as speed and the amount of water increase, the treads may not be able to prevent a wedge of water from building up in front of the tire. When this occurs, the tire may rise on top of the water and cause hydroplaning. The lower the quality or depth of the tire tread, the more likely this hydroplaning phenomenon is to occur.

The FenderSplendor Digital Tire Tread Depth Gauge is the easiest, fastest, cleanest, and most affordable way to make sure that you and your loved ones are traveling of tires with enough tread depth. No more "eye-balling" to see if it "looks OK" and no more kneeling on the ground fumbling for nickel, or is it a quarter. (I can never remember).

Why is FenderSplendor offering tire tread depth gauges?

There are 2 critical reasons. Our mission at FenderSplendor has always been to protect our dealers from making costly mistakes. What is more valuable than the life of your loved ones...and (pay attention here) your customers. Many Lawyers feel that you could be held criminally liable for selling a vehicle with inadequate tread depth...if it causes an accident that results in injury or death. Whether this is a legitimate claim or not, it could result in damaging press and possible in legal bills. Why take the risk when a simple 29.95 Digital Tire Tread Depth Gauge can tell you for sure.