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FenderSplendor Tire & Rim Cleaner

FenderSplendor Tire & Rim Cleaner

  • $ 11.98
  • Reg $ 22.98

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Keep your wheels looking new with a spray of FenderSplendor European Quality Automotive Tire & Rim cleaner. A non-toxic, non-caustic, biodegradable blend of premium surface-active agents, this cleaner effortlessly breaks down grease, oil, tar, road grime, and brake dust to easily clean them away. FenderSplendor European Quality Automotive Tire & Rim contains no petroleum, ammonia, or bleach, so it won't dry out your tires or cause any premature degrading of rubber materials. Plus, it's safe on all chrome and painted surfaces, making it excellent for all raised lettering and whitewall tires! Keep your rims shiny and your whitewalls bright with environmentally safe FenderSplendor European Quality Automotive Tire & Rim cleaner. Large 32 oz. Bottle.

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