"Why Risk A $2,000 Loss The Next Time You Miss Paintwork On A Trade-In or Purchase?"


"As Seen in Road and Track Magazine, Sept 2014"

  • Over 15,000 Car Dealers and Auto Auctions Use FenderSplendor.

  • Be sure you are buying the #1 Paint Meter for Automobile Dealers when you buy. Sold and Serviced in the USA.

  • Fully automatic, with no hidden buttons or calibration required.

  • The only true 3 year replacement warranty with 24 hour replacements shipped directly from our USA office.
    (2 year warranty on the FS 488.

  • A Toll Free Customer Service # For orders or service. 866-310-2539

  • Large, Ice Blue Lighted Display, easy to read at night and in bad weather.

  • FREE SHIPPING in USA and Canada - Same day UPS shipping from our Alabama office. Overnight USA Shipping Available. USPS Express Mail to Canada.

  • Rock Solid 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

  • *36 Cents a day is based on the 3 year guarantee on the FS 688. Your cost could be even less.

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Who Uses a FenderSplendor Paint Meter


FenderSplendor is the largest seller of Automotive Paint Meters in the world, selling over 14,000 paint meters to auto auction buyers and car buyers internationally.


Why Choose a FS 688
over a FS 488?

"As paint and body works becomes ALMOST seamless. Your Fender Splendor Paint Meter has saved me tens of thousands of dollars. A vehicle history is not always accurate. And internal dealer collision and paint repair is NEVER reported. A must tool in our tool belt in assessing and valuating any vehicle. Your price point removes the excuse why every manager new or used who touches vehicle value be issued one. There readings noted on the appraisal. Let us not forget the CPO Inspection Technician or Collision Estimator in the fixed operations. Accountability; that protects against mistakes and liability. "

By George Fletcher



"We have 5 FenderSplendor™ meters and our managers must check every trade for paint work. Your product has saved us many times from missing paint work and over appraising our trade-ins. Could always use another FS688."

Gary Weil GSM
Al Packer Ford Lincoln, Mercury
West Palm Beach FL


"Allen, the thing I like most about the 2008 FS 488 is the $1000’s of dollars it saved me in discovering issues I would never have discovered--especially at night and in rainy weather; all which make it difficult to see the car. We purchased 2 and they paid for themselves the very 1st weekend. Thanks so much for your awesome product."

Steve Morici
Pre-owned Sales Manager
DCH Toyota Simi Valley


"Miss Paintwork? I used to say, "not me" I actually laughed when I first saw a paint meter 12 years ago. Then I lost a couple of thousand dollars on a 2 year old BMW, and, surprise, I bought a paint meter. Today my company dominates the Dealer Paint Meter Market with over 14,000 dealers and Auctions using a FenderSplendor Paint Meter. They are on sale today, so why take another needless risk?" Allen E Willey


"After owing a FS688 I have saved $$$$ in thousands... in the beginning it was difficult, but now its easy...
1. The biggest LOSS my FenderSplendor has ever save, I would say for $1,500-2,000....
2. This happened when I was buying a 2005 Toyota Camry.
3. This was a few months ago. When looking at the vehicle, the vehicle looked very good. But when i used my FS688, I saw that the fender, 2 doors and the quarter panel had been repainted with over 9.0-12.0 grade... the rest of the vehicle was around 5-6...
Interestingly, carfax did not report the vehicle in any accident. So I was glad that I had my FS688, it saved me paying the book amount for the vehicle. The guy who bought the vehicle, I wished him good luck. I would say owing another one FS688 (especially if its free) would mean a great help as 2 buyers can't keep 1 FS688..  Cordially, Rizwan Ahmed "


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