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Volvo sets goal to sell 1 million electrified cars by 2025

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In barely a week since opening the order books, Ford Performance reports that it already has over 7,000 applications from customers across the world to buy the new GT.

The Blue Oval will continue to accept applications through May 12. The company will only take reservations for 500 cars right now, and the selected buyers will likely need to be patient because only 250 GTs will leave the factory each year. The advantage of Ford's GT application process is that everyone with the estimated $450,000 asking price has a chance to get one. The company will be searching for brand ambassadors who will drive the supercar often. Owners of the last GT from new will be treated preferentially in the decision-making process. People who buy a lot of Ford products, like business owners, will also have some advantage.  more ...

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