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Aston Martin DB11 arrives with 600 horsepower, stunning design

Posted by Michael Thomas at

The Aston Martin DB11 packs a 5.2-liter, twin-turbo V12 in a brand-new chassis, all wrapped in a gorgeous design. James Bond, meet your next car.

The drapes have been removed from the new DB11, billed by Andy Palmer, Aston Martin's chief executive, as "not only the most important car that Aston Martin has launched in recent history, but also in its 103-year existence." Well, they all are, Andy. Aston Martin is such a small company that it bets the farm with each new model. That's part of its appeal, for Aston's one constant is the svelte beauty of its cars, which (lest we forget) are the company wheels for one Commander James Bond.  more ...

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