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Jay Leno Becomes A Used Truck Salesman For The First Ever F-150 Harley Davidson

Posted by Michael Thomas at

While Jay Leno won’t sell you anything from his vast vehicle collection, he does give away a few for charities like the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

This time, he’s letting the first-ever Ford F-150 Harley Davidson go under the hammer. What with him selling off this decade-and-a-half old pickup, I guess Jay is sort of becoming a used truck salesman. I wonder what Jay The Used Truck Salesman would sound like.

Probably, a lot like this: Hi there, my name is Jay! How you doin’? Well, there she is. A real beauty, isn’t she? You know, this is where the golden age of luxury trucks began. With this very vehicle, I tell you.   more...

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