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When a non-car guy cohosts the ultimate car guy's show

Posted by Allen Willey at

Patrick McIntyre co-hosts Autoblog's epic auto-adventure series The List: 1001 Car Things to do Before You Die, with Jessi Combs. The List, which is essentially the ultimate automotive to-do list brought to life, features two very different personalities.

Jessi has been into cars since a very early age, and now is a pro metal fabricator, accomplished off-road racer, and officially the Fastest Woman on Four Wheels. Patrick has had a different career arc, starting out in improv comedy and winding up on the auto show circuit as a presenter. Each episode challenges them in different ways, and that makes it all the more fascinating. Now that this season of The List has wrapped, we decided to check in with Patrick and find out even more about what makes the Autoblog's wish-fulfillment video series work.

Autoblog: Tell me a little bit about yourself. Jessi said that you're an improv comedian as well as being a host? Patrick McIntyre: Yeah, my background is primarily on the performance side of things. I co-own a comedy theater in Santa Monica, California, and we've been touring the country for 15 or 16 years.  more...

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